Using your content marketing to elevate your media placements

Your content is a powerful tool that showcases everything you have to offer. If you have a strong content campaign plan and consistently create content that is marketable and of value, you can leverage that content to elevate your media presence.


Long-form content and PR

Your blog posts, published articles, and case studies are excellent pieces that can be used to take your media placements to the next level. Long-form content consists of value-packed pieces that focus, in-depth, on one topic. Using long-form content that you already have to market yourself and your message or expertise is a great way to get you in front of more eyes. 

Need some help? PR agencies are excellent at repurposing content you have already created and helping you get new messaging out to the masses. Your blog posts and articles showcase your knowledge and expertise on your topics; utilizing media contacts and PR personnel will help spread your messaging and get more eyes on you! This can include being selected for interviews, podcasts, and being featured on media outlet’s social media accounts.


Short-form content and exposure

It is not all about having long blog posts, podcast show notes, or articles; you can use your short-form content in ways that market you as an expert who should be featured. Short-form content can include social posts, blurbs, and short pieces of content that are valuable! Cross-posting your content and using it to connect with other industry leaders will help establish your credibility and authority. It will also allow you to consistently show up for your audience, giving you social proof that you are here to stay.

Your short-form content will also play an essential role in your pitching process!


Thought leadership and your content

You do not need to create a million more pieces of content to start establishing yourself as a thought leader. You need to market your existing high-quality content so that you become a source of information. Your content plan, content repurposing, and marketing plan can help you land media placements that will catapult you into being a thought leader.

When you are creating content and a content marketing plan, think ahead on how you will use it to pitch to the media, how it can be used on other platforms, and how you can prove your expertise. The more quality content you produce, the more likely you are to get picked up by media outlets!


Your content and pitching

Whether you are promoting a book launch, a product release, a new idea, or your thought leadership, your content will be an integral part of your pitch to the media. Having good content and a plan for content marketing will increase the likelihood that your pitch is picked up. Once your pitch does get picked up, you will have the opportunity to share your content with that outlet’s audiences which means you have the unique chance to impact even more people.


Media placements and PR relationships

Building relationships with your PR agency, media contacts, and media outlets will increase your media placements. Consistently producing high-quality and valuable content makes you a desirable person to receive pitches from. Utilizing a PR agency when creating content and pitches will help you land more successful pitches. 

PR agencies exist to find the perfect words for you, your business, and your content; leverage their expertise to help your content stand out and create marketing plans that are sure to get you the exposure you need!

Content marketing is a critical aspect of getting you and your business in front of the right eyes. Leverage the power of media placements through smart content creation and marketing to grow your business and your credibility. Want some help getting the right content to the right places? Contact us today!