Walking the Talk – New Date for my Lunch & Learn

I decided to walk my own talk more this year! 

2023 is the year that I am actually pitching MYSELF to the media. Attending masterclasses and seminars. Getting more visible with information that hopefully interests you.


It also includes, as a dear friend would tell me, giving myself GRACE. Which is what I tell clients all the time.


So that is what I’m doing!


I’m moving my Lunch & Learn on AI & PR back a week! It will now be March 9th @ 12:30pm ET.


The reason for this is – we’ve been scrambling with a client who is going to be on a very big national talk show this week and I DON’T want to not be scrambled for you! I want to have the best and latest info for you! And I want us to have a fun and interactive conversation!

I’m also heading to NYC!


So let’s DO THIS! But just on March 9th 🙂

REGISTER HERE if you haven’t already!


Tell your friends and clients and try it out ahead of time so you come up with questions! 



And watch for my posts this week with the exciting news of a client on a very cool national talk show!

Have a great week everyone!