We all love certain podcasts for certain reasons.

It seems there are new ones almost every day, and we’ve seen an uptick in people wanting to get on certain podcasts as a guest.

So here’s the latest on podcasts with fresh data!

The Pew Research Center recently put out a new study on podcast listening habits.

Not that surprisingly, it found that podcasts are still popular! About half of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past year, and one-in-five of those listeners say they listen to a podcast nearly every day. EVERY DAY!

The study also showed that listeners turn to podcasts for entertainment, learning, and simply to have something to listen to while doing something else. ***Which is exactly why you need to have good stories with your message to be more memorable to the listeners!

Comedy, entertainment, and politics are at the top of the list of topics that podcast listeners say they regularly listen to.

Most podcast listeners say they hear news discussed on podcasts – however, just one-in-five listeners say they listen to a podcast that’s connected to a news organization.

So podcasts aren’t necessarily where people turn for their news, but they do listen to hear stories and gain wisdom and inspiration!

Many listeners also engage with podcasts in ways other than listening, such as watching a movie or reading a book because of a podcast, following a podcast or its hosts on social media, or purchasing a product that was advertised. About a third of listeners (36%) even say they’ve tried out a lifestyle change – such as a workout routine or journaling – because of a podcast, they listened to – making it a great way to get your message across to a certain audience!

For more, you can read the whole study HERE.

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