We Asked- You Answered! Masterclass on Best Media Pitch Topics

Pitch Please! 

I’m SO excited to be offering my first Masterclass on something I get asked a lot – What makes good media pitch topics! 

We asked what you wanted to know about from the KT Media Team – and the majority of you said you struggle with what makes good pitch topics. When it comes to pitching the media, it’s definitely an art, not a science! However, there are some steadfast rules that we live by from which we have seen great success.

Last week, I talked about the “anti” topic pitch. Going against the grain to get the media’s and your audience’s attention. Another great way to get a reporter, producer or editor’s attention is to be timely in offering a different perspective on a current event or trending topic. Think of something you haven’t seen out there before. BE DIFFERENT! 

Want to hear much more AND get a chance to be chosen for a FREE 90-minute session with me to hone in on some pitch topics tailored just for you? Join me for the Masterclass – June 2nd at 12:30 ET. Note, this is a date change – so if you weren’t able to attend before, you can join now! A recording will also be sent out afterwards if you’re registered.

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Can’t wait to see you there!