What Can PR Do For You?

I’ve been talking a lot about ChatGPT – the journalist in me is still alive! – so I wanted to dive into and explore what it can do and thought- hey, I bet people would be interested in this too! So I’m giving a Lunch & Learn on how we can all use the AI technology to make our lives easier – THIS WEEK! 

It’s This Thursday, March 9th at 12:30pm ET. 




But what I also want to talk about this week is a question I’ve been getting asked a lot lately – it seems people would like to know what exactly PR or media placement can do for them? 


What PR does is get you closer to your goals. 

So I first ask, what is your goal with your business or your brand or your book or your podcast or your product? Let’s define that first.


I’m guessing it’s to be seen as the go-to person in your industry… which can lead to sales or that speaking engagement you always wanted or land that TV interview that will get you instant credibility with your audience. 

What PR does is put building blocks in place so that you reach your short term goals and work on that long term goal – and have some fun in between! 


What PR does is help you to be able to communicate what you do effectively and with ease! 


What PR does is build instant credibility and visibility with your right audience! This is because we’ve taken the time to really dive into who your IDEAL audience is and how best to reach them! 


There is obviously much much more, but this gives the general idea.


Other questions on what PR can do for you? 

Let me know! Happy to get on a call to explain!




In case you missed it – our client Eliza VanCort was on the Drew Barrymore Show this past week. It was so amazing to see her shine! I couldn’t be more proud of her work helping women claim their space! 


(And yes, Drew is as nice as she seems!) Meeting Rebel Wilson was also super fun! 


Watch the segment HERE


Eliza also just launched her podcast – listen HERE


And see you Thursday for my AI & PR Lunch & Learn! 

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