What can publishing a book do for your business?

Have you pondered the idea of publishing your own book? Many business owners, thought leaders, and gurus actively promote their books as an extension of their brand and messaging. Publishing a book can help you expand your business and may be easier than you think, let’s dive into all the details.


Grow your business

Writing a book can help you grow your business by expanding your audience and increasing your revenue stream. Publishing a book will diversify your revenue streams while giving your audience something of value to invest in and share with others. Books make great marketing material and book launches create new and authentic publicity opportunities to spread your message and continue to grow your audience. A book is one of the best business cards you can have. 


Increase thought leadership

If you are writing a book about your business, your journey as a business owner, or about technology or your service, you will have the opportunity to introduce new ideas to your readers. Your book is the perfect opportunity to help you increase your thought leadership by providing readers with new perspectives and insights about your industry. Your book can be a topic of discussion to further speak on your opinions and give guidance to your audience on their own time. 


Gain credibility and authority

Writing and publishing a book takes a lot of time and commitment; your audience recognizes that. Having a published book will show your audience that you are serious about what you do and that you are here to stay. Your book is a great place to showcase your expertise as an industry leader, and it is a product that proves you have the knowledge to be an expert in your industry.


Build PR relationships

Your new book is the perfect product to help you start leveraging the power of the media, including PR contacts and agencies. Once your book is published, you can launch your new product by pitching your message and your book to media contacts to get featured in news stories, podcasts, and articles. You will have the opportunity to talk with others about your book, your why, and your business.

Book launches are the perfect time to work with a PR agency; publishers are wonderful people to help sell your book, but a publicist will help sell you and your business. Utilizing a PR agency during a book launch will increase the amount of publicity that you and your book receive, helping you sell more books and gain more customers or clients. Don’t wait until your book is available to purchase, a book launch campaign should start several months in advance to maximize interest and exposure. 

Publishing a book can be a big undertaking, but if you are an expert in your field, having a book will help you grow your business and position you as a person of authority in your industry. If you have thought about publishing a book and need some help with the next steps, reach out to us!