Katie (00:00):

Hi everyone, Katie Reiss here, and we continue our series on people I am really grateful for. This week we’ll be honoring Amanda McVicker, my amazing OBM, who I could not be where I am today without honestly. I wanted to introduce her to all of you and let you say hi and you talk a little bit about what we’ve been doing in my business and how you have been able to get me to where I am today. So welcome Amanda.

Amanda (00:31):

Thank you so glad to be here.

Katie (00:34):

Yeah, I am so glad that you came into my life at the beginning of this year and really helped me put things in place that I didn’t even know I needed. I am so grateful for that because you really are the backend to everything. We do make sure everything is running smoothly and, just making sure I’m organized, which is no easy task in and of itself. I am scattered, still media brain, I think sometimes. Amanda, you guys is just the rock star that I needed, the rock that I needed behind me to make sure everything from payroll to, upcoming things. We’re going to be figuring out how we’re going to offer things to certain clients and just make sure that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. I just could not thank you enough for that. I know that you are growing your business as well, so I appreciate that you do so much for my business and the other clients that you have.

Amanda (01:38):

Yeah, of course. I’m so happy to be able to support you and others, like you

Katie (01:43):

Let’s talk about some of the things that we have done in less than a year. We have done payroll. You do all of my social media. What else do we do?

Amanda (01:57):

Our CRM put that in contracting and invoicing and all of those reading is just them for that. Yeah.

Katie (02:07):

Yeah. Having systems for things is not, my forte it’s not a lot of people’s forte, I think, but it’s definitely not mine. And I definitely am more of the creative brain that doesn’t have that even, even systems, brain or analytical brain is as you might call it. And so it’s, it’s been wonderful that you even say, you know, have you ever thought about doing this or have you ever thought about doing that? And I’m like, no, can you do that? Like literally everything Amanda brings to me, I’m like, yes, can we do that? Yes. And she’s like, of course. And I’m like, oh my gosh. Yeah. You know, it just makes me so happy. I am super appreciative for everything and I know that next year we’re going tobe doing even more and we’re going to be able to do some bigger things now that we have some things in place. I just, I could not do it without you girl, really

Amanda (03:05):

So glad to be here and supporting you.

Katie (03:07):

So yeah. What other things are you working on right now?

Amanda (03:12):

I am working on adding in a mentoring piece into my business, so helping train other people to be OBM’s like me to help other business owners as well. So I’m doing that in addition to helping other business owners, entrepreneurs with their systems. So those are the two main, big things.

Katie (03:37):

Yeah. I’m sure you will be able to train a lot of people and it will be amazing. Because I can’t imagine that anybody would see everything that you do and say, oh no, I don’t need that. Or, you know, I’m sure people are saying, I want to be able to support people like Amanda does. I feel very supported. I feel very loved and cared for. So that makes a big difference when you’re in the whirlwind world of media and, having that sense of support is just it’s been great. So I just wanted to say, I am very grateful for you and how you help all of us at KT Media and all the clients, even though they don’t know you directly should be very grateful for you as well. Current and future clients. Everything that you do to helps keep me running smoothly and grounded and that we are able to then support our clients the best way that we can. So, yeah. Thank you so much.

Amanda (04:39):

Of course. I’m so happy to be part of the team.

Katie (04:42):

Yeah, we are so lucky to have you all right guys, if you haven’t checked out, Amanda, if you need support, you definitely should do it. All right. Thank you. And we’ll continue our series on who I’m grateful for next week.