What I am Grateful For: Dr. Wayne Pernell

Katie (00:02):

Hi everyone, Katie Riess here. And I’m continuing my series on people who I am grateful for this holiday season. I want to introduce you to one of my longtime clients, Dr. Wayne Pernell, who is the founder and president of Dynamic Leader, an amazing company. He does a lot of speaking. He has done some TEDx talks. He is a breakthrough success coach, and I am very grateful for him as he has been a client for many years. So welcome Dr. Pernell.

Dr. P (00:37):

Amazing Katie, just more and more. It’s great to be here, to chat with you.

Katie (00:46):

Yeah. I actually get to chat with you. You’re used to being on TV a lot, but I actually get to chat with you and do a little talk about what you’re working on and what it’s been like being together for all this time, because I know that you are somebody that I turn to for advice personally and professionally, and we are very honored to be able to get your message out to the world. I know you’ve helped a lot of people being, you know, in print and on TV all over the country over the past couple of years.

Dr. P (01:19):

Yeah. It’s been amazing. I mean, the trajectory has been pretty incredible. It starts slow, you know, I’ve been an author, I have five books. There are three behind me and, you don’t just like, boom. Now I’m an international bestselling author. It’s that you have an idea for a book. You have an idea of what you want to put out there. And the same is true for, for media, whether it’s the media or mass media, you know, whether it’s television or print. And then it’s really a matter of what’s the fit. What’s the message. What’s the fit. And I’m just every so often Katie, I send people to my page, you know, the WaynePernell.com/press, and I’ll look through it and I’ll go, oh my God.

Katie (02:14):

Right. You have really done all that. Everybody should go check out. Wayne’s press page. It’s pretty impressive.

Dr. P (02:22):

Yeah. WaynePernell.com/press like, you know, it’s kind of fun. My first, my first TV appearance was in a really small market in Albuquerque. You know it wasn’t that long ago that I was in the number two market and KTLA and channel five in Los Angeles. It’s progressive and it’s always great to be able to share a message and to be able to say, well, this time of year, this is the thing, these are the things that people should be thinking about. And I just love that we get to work that you and your amazing team. You just, you just get me. And so, because you understand what my message is, it’s easy for you to say, Hey, do you want to pitch this topic at this time of year in this?

Katie (03:18):

Yeah. Well, we love your message. Right now talking about watchwords, I have found myself using your messages in the back of my mind when having difficult conversations or just conversations in general. What else are you working on right now for the new year?

Dr. P (03:37):

Well I’m doing a keynote coming up and the topic is around mental health and wellness, but, the global topic is how to create a culture of caring, right? So individually we need to be taking care of ourselves. And as we do that, we need to be taking care of the people around us. You know, the statistics, I’ll just throw this out. As if it’s a TV interview. The statistics are kind of staggering. They showed that one in four people has either some form of mental health issue or addiction issue. Now those statistics came out prior to the pandemic during the pandemic, those statistics doubled, which means that one in two people. So if it’s not you, it’s somebody, you know, and that means we have a lot of work to do, because either you as an individual need some support or the people, you know, need some support and we need to be taking the stigma out of it. Right? So that’s one of the messages, but also as a  dynamic leader, I’ll just do a quick plugin for my first book using your power. Right. I have 10 watchwords. And so we talk about the top three watchwords, because they’re easy to get to the wide and short, and we’re going to eliminate those. And anyone can find those on my press page because those were written up in an article in Entrepreneur, which was cool. And then I’m also on TV talking about it. Also though in leadership, like we’re seeing the the what’s being called the great resignation, right? So the great net resignation and I used to be in human resources among other things I used to, you know, my doctorate is in clinical psychology. I took that into business. 35 years ago, I’ve been doing leadership consultations management, consultation, leadership coaching, and now turning that into breakthrough success, coaching and that’s to help anyone. Who’s got a level of success to break through to their next level because everyone hits plateaus. Well, we’re seeing in the corporate setting, a lot of people are done wanting to work in corporations and partly that’s because they found freedom and partly that’s because they realized that the people they were working with, they didn’t really want to work with. So how do you create, it goes back to this culture. How do you create a culture of caring or a culture of connectedness?

Katie (06:31):

Yes. I love that. And you say that everyone is a leader. Everyone is.

Dr. P (06:37):

Yeah. If you think about it, you’ve got people around you that are watching you. And I mean, think about it this way. Have you ever, watched people in a grocery store and you watch them sort of some people just, you know, push their carts and look at every little thing and some people like don’t walk in, they know exactly what they want and it’s like, right. So you’re watching, you’re watching people. Well, you’re also being watched, whether it’s by your family or by people you work with or random strangers in a grocery store. You know, I’m in airports a lot these days and I’ve had people come up to me and I’m asking me about my luggage which was something that was my luggage. Right. Because I actually got luggage based on my talking to someone else, but it’s one of those like people see you. And so you lead based on your posture, based on your presence. I started the powerful presence program. It’s an online group program. I have a free, powerful presence masterclass that’s it’s so great because it’s available. It’s a 40-minute thing and it’s the leadership piece.

Katie (07:53):

And it can be for anybody, not just people who are in corporate leadership, it literally can be for anybody and everybody. And I know that after talking to you every single time, I feel much better. So I know that you know, I’m sure through your speaking and through your interviews, that that comes across to people. And so that’s why we really are so honored to be able to get that message out to as many people as we possibly can. So it’s really been an honor, and I appreciate you where then you even know. So I just wanted to make sure everybody knew that.

Dr. P (08:31):

Alright, thank you. You’ve been a tremendous part of my life. I look forward to our calls. I look forward to learning more about your kids. Like we’re involved in each other’s lives in a way that is, you know, years ago, years ago, the telephone company in Southern California did a commercial and it was about reaching because the best business calls are personal. And it was a great tagline. This was from decades ago. And it just, it got in, I was like a teenager when they when this came out. So literally decades ago. And just that kind of message got in, you know, that it’s like the kind of business I like to do is personal. And so, you know, if we can connect and stay connected and, and we’re getting stuff done along the way, it’s fabulous. And that’s, I appreciate that about you. And you know, about KT Media Strategies. I just love it. 

Katie (09:33):

It’s why we do what we do. So we appreciate you too. Well, thank you so much. I will be back with another special guest for everybody next week, too. Thanks.