Katie (00:00):

Katie Riess here with KT Media Strategies. I am continuing my series this month and next month on who I am grateful for in life and my business, KT Media Strategies. And that would not be where it is today without today’s guest, Rita Goodroe of Rita, Made Me Do It. She has been my amazing business coach for the past couple of years. I wanted to bring her on and tell her how grateful I am for her and how much she has helped me along the way. So welcome Rita.

Rita (00:33):

I’m excited. I always love chatting you.

Katie (00:35):

Yes. We could chat all day long about all different kinds of things. Today I just want to just want to give a shout out and say that I definitely would not be where I am today without your guidance. I know a lot of people feel the same way and I am extremely grateful for it. We literally have a saying in my house, like what would Rita do? You know, my husband looks at me with a, you know, what would Rita tell you to do? And I put my Rita hat on and think, okay, this is what you would tell me to do. I also just text you, but I went from being very much, burnt out and not really having a direction; to I have an amazing team, especially going into the holidays. I am able to make sure that my team is ready to go and my clients are good to go. We are, you know, getting people on the media full steam ahead. I also have time for family. That was what was really important for me.

Rita (01:42):

I remember when you started with me and you were like every newer entrepreneur who starts and becomes successful. We have clients where we’re relatively booked, like things are working, but they’re scattered. It’s like, they’re not our best fit clients. It’s not the schedule we want. Things feel a little reactive instead of proactive. I remember when you came in, you were like, this is going well, but I feel like it could be more streamlined. It could feel more cohesive. It could feel more like a machine that is working. That’s where we really dug in. I mean, immediately though, your goal was always to be able to serve your clients well and have time to live the life that you want and serve your family and be there for your family. There was no greater testament to setting up a business that did that. Then when you took your maternity leave, you were able to take like a full leave from your business. What did you say about the revenue generated during that time? Wasn’t it the highest that you had ever hit? The best performing months you had ever had whenever you were completely gone?

Katie (02:59):

I was able to take three months off, last year I was skeptical. Obviously, you think I’m so needed when it’s your business, but it ran, it ran just fine because we had really set everything up months and months in advance. It definitely allowed me to take a step back and think about how I could be doing things differently because I wasn’t needed for the day to day as much. Really take on that CEO role and, be able to then do other things that I really wanted to do even within my business. So yeah, that was great.

Rita (03:19):

That’s why you’re able to roll into the holidays like this, right? Like as the holiday season comes, your business is at peak business. But you’re able to feel really confident because you’ve built this great team you’ve empowered this great team and you know that your clients are still going to get served. Well, what I love because guys, I’m not just Katie’s coach. I’m also Katie’s client. Okay.

Rita (04:06):

I’m also a proud member. What I will say is that Katie is able to give her clients top-notch service because she has freed herself up to do the higher-level strategy visioning. Not just for her business, but for all of the clients that they represent. The implementation can happen quicker, faster on a more immediate level, because team members are really working for the clients as well. Whereas if Katie was trying to do it all, it would actually hurt all her clients. So as a client, I can say I’ve had crazy media opportunities ever since you changed your business model. Things happen very quickly when they happen. I think your over here, thinking of the bigger picture, and then you have your team that’s really implementing immediately. It’s really, great as a client, I’ll say I’m grateful for you. It’s frayed as a client to be part of a business that works decently and works out well. So I appreciate you.

Katie (05:09):

No, but I do like that. I really get to work in all the clients stuff too, that I’m not totally outside. Just waiting for updates. I am also in it as much as I can be to make sure that things are happening the way that they should. Everybody is happy and everything is running really smoothly. It’s been great that I’ve been able to do both.

Rita (05:31):

Yeah. And if you were the actual implementer, if you were doing all of the tasks associated with getting someone on the media and everything that comes before, during, and after it, you wouldn’t be able to be in everywhere. I mean, you’d be falling through the cracks, right?

Katie (05:45):

Yeah. But you helped me see that I could do that, and that I had enough in place that I could do that and helped me get to where I had the things in place. And I didn’t say, well, I need to wait for one more client before I can really afford that. Or I need to wait until this happens before this happens. And maternity leave definitely helped with that because it was, no, this is happening. There is no waiting on this. There is a deadline for when it happens.

Rita (06:17):

I got to be ready for it.

Katie (06:20):

This is just how the timeline is, but I, I really saw through what you were telling me that you can’t wait until you get that client. You can’t wait until, you know, this, this or this happens. It’s kind of like publicity. What I say is, don’t wait until your website is perfect. Don’t wait until your manuscript is definitely done. Don’t wait until you have amazing set of credentials or talking points or whatever it is. You can still start the publicity process. And it was the same, you know, I had to take my own advice. It was the same for my business, hire that person to get to this point. And then the clients will come. And then the,

Rita (07:05):

Yeah, I think that’s a normal reaction in everything. And it’s like, it sounds like it’s such a hard sales tactic and it’s not. No, only by getting the coach, will you actually get more clients. Because if you could get more clients on your own with what you’re doing and what you know, you would have done it, you would have it. So why don’t you? Our objection is always the reason we need the thing. So that’s a sales tip for any entrepreneurs. The reason that somebody is objecting is usually always the reason they need it. So if they’re like, oh, I’m so busy. I don’t think that it’s the right time for this. Oh, that’s exactly why you need this because you’re so busy.

Rita (07:44):

So this will help you set healthy boundaries.  People will say, well, I need to know exactly what I’m an expert and what I’m an authority on. I need to make sure that I know all of that completely and who I serve and how I serve them exactly. Before I can start being on the news. Only by being on the news and talking about all of these different things, will you start really figuring out what you’re an expert on and an authority on. How you want to show up? Like it’s like finding an ideal client only by getting clients where you find out who your ideal client is. Same thing with publicity. I thought I knew. Every time I’m on more and more, I get more refined with, no, this is literally what my thought leadership is about.

Rita (08:27):

This is exactly what I want to step into in a bigger way, but I couldn’t have thought my way to that. You can only figure it out by actually being on the news and doing it. So that whole “wait until” is normal, because it’s your brain’s way of saying good. We can stay safe and comfortable and not make any changes and nothing happens so that we don’t have to put ourselves out there for failure or risk or scary things or whatever. Just the excuse you bring. So we have to wait. We have to wait until X. I would say for publicity, definitely don’t wait that you’re really going to figure it out.

Katie (09:05):

You’re never going to be ready. My biggest thing is how do I know I’m ready? You’re never going to be ready. There’s never going to be that aha moment where all of a sudden, oh, I’m ready to do it. I have enough money. I have the plan. I have this, this and this. You’re never going to have that moment.

Rita (09:22):

Oh, I need to have the website first. And then it’s going to be, well, you have the website. And then it’s like, oh, but I don’t have a program to funnel people to. And so I need to wait for a program. Oh, I don’t have a book that I wrote. And so I want to wait until I write my book, but your brain will always find the reason not to do it. So if you think once I’m at that level, nope, there’ll be something else. Your brain will find another reason for you not to do it. But once you start, it makes everything else in your business falls into place. It makes, you know, attracting the right people fall into place. It makes sure programs and products fall into place by doing it and stepping into it. Everything else starts to, and it was the same thing that you did when you hired me.

Katie (10:04):

I was just about to say that everything fell into place once I hired you. I really stopped listening to that safe voice. I just went for it because I knew my goal. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to reach my goal if I didn’t just jump in and go for it and say, you know what? I really believed that once I started this process, it was going to serve me. Are there bumps and bruises along the way? You know, things you have to learn. Absolutely, of course. But once I hired you and we really started building this together, it just happened. And it just came and it’s the same way with publicity. It’s so funny. It’s the same exact concept. You have to turn that voice off.

Rita (10:52):

100%. Yeah.

Katie (10:52):

It’s hard. It’s not easy.

Rita (10:56):

I am grateful that you trust me. And I am grateful that you have taken the action to do the hard things, to sit in discomfort, to get to where you are. And I’m grateful that we’re going to get to continue to work together and I’m going to be your client. And I’m grateful because I’m going to be all over the news and I’m going to have my own TV show. Everybody. You wait, you watch it’s going to happen because of KT Media Strategies.

Katie (11:18):

Yay. Yes. Because you say things way better than I do. We will. We will make it happen, Rita. We’re going to make it happen. We will do it. Well, thank you so much. I am so grateful for you. All right.

Rita (11:31):

Happy holidays.

Katie (11:32):

Happy holidays.