What is Publishing a Book Going to Help You Achieve?

Have you been wanting to build your personal brand?


Are you wanting to grow your audience and up-level your visibility?


Or maybe you’re just wanting to leave some type of legacy long after you’re gone…

Whatever the case may be, publishing a book will help get you there.


Below is a break down of a few reasons to keep in mind when wondering what publishing a book is going to help you achieve:


  1. To build a personal brand: If you are a leader, consultant, CEO, Entrepreneur, a speaker or an up and coming professional in your line of work, authoring a book can establish you as a thought leader in your industry, as well as generate exposure for your brand. A book can even be used as a powerful business card to promote a brand.


  1. To leave a legacy: The book that you publish lives on forever, even after you. Authors write to connect with other people, and there is something beautiful about people connecting with authors and seeing the world through their eyes. The legacy you leave behind will change lives long after you write it.


  1. To advance your career: Writing a book builds immense credibility for you and makes you an expert in your domain. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.


  1. To spread an idea: A book can be a powerful way to spread an idea. Books help spread awareness about issues and bring about change.


  1. To become a best-selling author: This one is the most obvious. Every author wants to reach out to the masses and be read by the entire world. The money and the fame follow right after.


  1. Did you know, book readers tend to be better and more dedicated clients? They read what you write and trust you enough to spend the money to actually work with you. They are in it for the long haul.


Having authored a book gives you instant credibility as an expert and that immediately sets you apart from everyone else in your field. It helps to fill your pipeline with perfect clients and gives you a reason to raise your rates. Publishing a book, and having one in your marketing toolkit is smart because now you also have the perfect giveaway and a strategic client gift.


Not to mention the feeling you get when you publish a book that YOU wrote. You took all that time and effort and now it’s something tangible that you can feel, touch, and smell. (I love the smell of books!)


The benefits that happen when getting a book published can affect you internally more than anything you could get paid for. The fact that you went from a blank page to holding the physical work in your hands at a bookstore, would be an immensely great feeling. Turning the pages you slaved over will make all that hard work worth it. Knowing that you finally achieved a dream of yours will be worth it. So, yes there could be benefits of publishing a book like money, but the internal self-worth you’ll gain for yourself may just be guaranteed.


For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, one of the main reasons you went into business for yourself in the first place was because you wanted to make a difference in the world. What better way to share your message and get your gifts out there helping others than by writing and publishing a book?


Think about your book as your messenger – spreading your message and transforming lives everywhere it goes.


Isn’t that in itself a great reason to finally make the decision to write that book?


We think so!


So, if you have an idea for a book, writing it might benefit you and your business in a multitude of ways. However, writing it is just the beginning. Then you have to focus on selling it: the more you do that, the more you’ll see a return on your investment.


Which is where we come in! We know how important having a book is and we’re here to help. 


Have you ever thought about writing a book to boost your business? ✋


Or are you currently writing a book or in the early stages of planning?


Are you trying to figure out how exactly you’d sell that book or pitch your book to the media to gain visibility?


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Become a published author and be recognized in the media with an actionable plan to help you pitch to targeted media outlets. PLUS you’ll walk away with your own customized pitch-template.


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