What is your media why?

You want media coverage, but you aren’t sure exactly WHY you think you need a media presence…

Does this sound like you?


One of the most important things you need to ask yourself to begin your media journey is, “what is my media why?”


Your media why is the first thing you need to get clear on before you begin pitching to the press.

In other words, figure out what you have to offer to your audience and how the media will help you achieve that.


Why will my offer impact others?

Why am I qualified to address this?

Why do people need to hear what I have to say?


Whether you’re looking to build your mailing list, grow your exposure or get the word out about your upcoming book, media coverage is one of the best ways to get YOU noticed.

However, in order to stand out in today’s information-saturated world, you’re going to be very clear on why the media will want to speak with you – one that will help you land the coverage you need.

Your “why” is what’s going to be irresistible to the press and set you apart.

Why you need or want media might seem like something you’ve thought of and worked out, but your TRUE why might still actually be a bit murky. This is normal!

The why of your message is one of the most crucial aspects as everything else is based on it.

The why is how you can come to focus on your target audience, which informs how your future offers and messaging are laid out and written. It also leads to your why with marketing your brand or your book.


Being clear on your WHY, will:

  • Keep you focused if you get lost in the day-to-day of your business
  • Help you make decisions about your business structure, offers, and messaging
  • Informs your PR and marketing strategy


Examples of some common “why’s”:

  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field
  • Create a source of passive income
  • Get more speaking opportunities
  • Create a “deluxe business card” to get more clients
  • Create an additional resource for your clients that supplements your services
  • Help a certain group of people with knowledge/expertise


Here are some helpful prompts for ways to brainstorm your media “why”:

  • If you had a magic wand, what is the one thing that would happen in your life/business the minute you put yourself out there in the media?
  • What excites you about the idea(s) behind your business?
  • Who is your target audience? Who are you speaking to?
  • What do you hope will come from getting media publicity?
  • How do you envision using media publicity to market your business?


What is your media “why”? Need help brainstorming or want to know if it’s good enough to begin pitching to the press?

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One client was featured in 4 TV segments around the country. How have they done it?

By discovering their media “why” in order to reach their goals. Are you ready to find yours?

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