What Should I Do With A Media Clip?

You spend days, even weeks trying to get that great media placement, you do the segment or get the article published, and you even get a clip of it! Great! Now what?


What the heck should you do with the media clip?


So many clients come to me after completing their media segments, wondering what to do with this clip they’ve been given. Here are some tips on how you can best use the clip to amplify your goals:


Feature the clip on a “press” page on your website. 


If you are starting to get regular press features, it’s very useful to create a “press” page on your website where you can store all the links, videos, photos, etc. in order to show people where you’ve been showing up lately. Reporters, researchers, editors and producers regularly search the web looking for people to interview on a variety of topics. Your “press” page could show up in their searches and BAM! You’d have an interview because of all the social proof you have in one place.


Share the clip on your social media platforms.


Did the media outlet share the clip on their social platforms? Share it from their page so your followers can see. Even if they haven’t, share it on your social media platforms and tag the media outlet in the comments. This shows credibility and your appreciation of what they were able to provide to you.


It also once again gives you that social proof so you can earn your audience’s trust.


*Pro Tip – Try starting your post with a question to engage your audience, not just a “look what I’ve done” but something that involves people and starts up a conversation and gets comments flowing. Make it about the topic you talked about in your clip or article. “Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Do you think it could be anxiety induced? I talk with xxx and give tips on how to get the rest you need through this trying time…” 


Send the clip in an email newsletter to your email list.


You want to inform your email list with all your latest news and offerings, why not share your excitement with them and share the clip? Nurturing your email list is so important. The people on your email list liked and trusted you so much that they decided to sign up for your list which means they want to hear the exciting news. Include the clip somewhere in your email newsletter and direct people to where they can read, watch or listen.


Place the clip in your digital media kit or have it as a reference to send in future pitches.


A media kit is a page or two that contains resources and information for reporters and publishers. The best press kits make it really easy for reporters to quickly learn about the product and brand, and access photos and marketing materials they can use.


Your media kit can be in PDF format, Google drive folder, or Dropbox, etc. Something that can be easily accessible and shared via email.


A media kit isn’t strictly for reporters or major publications, either. Anyone who wants to talk about or promote your business has the tools they need to do it effectively. Whether that’s someone with a podcast, someone with a personal blog, or even just someone sharing your story in an online community.


When you’re networking and reaching out to publications, you’ll always have your media kit to refer to and share with reporters. When you do some of the work for reporters up front, they’ll be more receptive to your pitch for press. Plus, hey, it looks professional!


Use the same clip multiple times! 

When you get a great media placement, it’s not just post it and be done! Think about different ways you can use the information in the segment or article to post it multiple times. Not everyone sees your post the first time. It can be several weeks apart. Just modify the message of the post and you can use the same clip, getting further exposure for the same media placement! 


Think about the websites and publications you want to be on. Think about all the ways you can now use this media clip in order to make it easier to get coverage.


Remember that you still need to get out there, network and promote yourself if you want to get press coverage for your business. A media clip only makes it easier for reporters to learn what you can deliver and talk about you accurately. 


If you have a media clip, share it in the comments below. If you don’t, leave your questions and I’ll be sure to help out; I engage and respond with everyone.