What To Look For When Hiring a Publicist

If you have recently taken the time and energy to write a book, revamp your business or brand or organize an event, chances are the next thing on your mind is how to get your work to the right people. Growing your audience and having the opportunity to share your intellect, influence, and ideas with the public is naturally going to feel like the next big step. 


Can you do this alone? Maybe, but do you really want to? Like most long journeys, the path to publicity is best traveled with an experienced guide, and someone who has your back, knows the ropes, the short cuts, and more importantly the pitfalls and areas to avoid. By hiring a publicist you are ensuring that you have someone on your team who has a deep understanding of the industry. A publicist has already built a foundation and a rapport with the media and understands the intricacies of what it takes to get noticed and featured. A publicist understands what the media is looking for and how best to find their clients a place that suits their expertise while highlighting an area of mainstream interest.


Knowing the ins and outs of any industry doesn’t happen overnight, which is why having a publicist can help ease the anxiety and confusion that often comes with finding placement and attention in the media. 


Knowing you need a publicist is the easy part. Knowing what to look for is tricky, but we’ve got you covered. Here are some top tips when hiring the right publicist for you.


Make It Personal


Like any relationship, finding the right publicist is personal. It’s all about connection and finding that “spark.” When talking with a prospective publicist, how does it feel? Do you feel a connection? Do you feel heard? Do you feel understood? The right fit is going to be different for everyone. Find the publicist that makes you go Yes! You are exactly who I’ve been looking for! You get me! 


Look For Relevant Case Studies


The most significant benefit of case studies is that they provide you with a well-rounded view, or a complete snapshot or overview of someone’s work and ability. Hearing someone tell you what they can do is great, but seeing it in real time is even better. Seek out client success stories, testimonials, quotes, and links to media interviews and placements. Seeing past and current work and client placements can give you a better understanding of the type of outcomes you can hope to achieve when using a certain publicist. Of course nothing in life is guaranteed, but a publicist with an impressive track record has that track record for a reason, they are good at what they do. 


Look For Someone Who Will Solidify Your Goals


What are your goals? What are your core values? What are your priorities? How can you achieve your goals if you haven’t yet identified what those goals are? What does success look like to you? What will make you feel like you have made it? What will make you feel like you have made an impact? Mapping out your goals is an excellent starting point to your journey to success and media exposure. If these questions seem overwhelming to you, or you find yourself scratching your head or wrinkling your brow trying to come up with an answer . . . don’t sweat it! Your publicist has your back. A good publicist will be able to help you identify your goals, and hone in on exactly what it is you are hoping to accomplish. A good publicist understands that success is more than just media placement and finding a moment in the spotlight, true success is about YOU as a whole, your brand, your mission, and your image. 


Look For Those Who Will Help You Fine Tune Your Message


Creating a clear, concise message is a critical communication skill that every good publicist understands. Just like in personal relationships, in your relationship with the media, communication is the key to success. Sometimes the message we are trying to convey and the message we are actually sending are two very different things. Sometimes our true intentions can be diluted with too much “extra” fluff. Having a publicist is like having a purity filter, they will take your concept and distil it to perfection in bite sized bits and pieces that are perfectly consumable for placement in a variety of media sources. Media outlets get thousands of pitches a day, in order for yours to stand out, your publicist will ensure that it is clear, concise, and compelling.


Read this blog post for more information about “How To Gain Clarity Around Your Message.” 


Have They Worked In The Space That Your Expertise Is In?


When we have a specific health related issue, we see a specialist in that area. When we are having a craving for a specific type of food, we go to a restaurant we know is going to get it right. When we are looking for a page turning beach read, we choose from a genre we know we love or from an author who feels like they speak to the interests of our soul. Choosing a publicist is exactly the same! You want to look for someone who understands your industry or your concept. Ask questions! Do they have experience working with others in your field or circle of influence? Do they understand your message, your idea, or your concept? Having someone with relevant experience will increase your chances of better exposure. An experienced publicist will be able to better connect you with brands and outlets that are relevant and interested in what you have to offer. 


Are you ready to discover how exposure in the media can help amplify your message?


Are you still wondering where to start?


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When thinking of starting publicity for your brand, your business, your book, or your event, it’s important to think through some initial steps. I call this getting into your “media mindset.”


There’s a lot of messaging work that goes into getting in the media and it can be overwhelming. That’s why having a good publicist on your team can help make all the difference. You focus on the work you do best and we will focus on getting your message to the masses.

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