Create… that might be my new word for 2023. What will I create in 2023? I love this time of newness in the year. A time to think positively and dream up visions for the next 12 months. Possibilities abound! 


I will create connections. I will create content. I will create opportunities for my business. I will create space for my family. 


And the key to all of this is, intention. These things will not just appear in my lap or happen out of nowhere. They will happen because I set out to make them happen. Because I take action. 


So what will you take action on to create this year? 


What I’ve been hearing from many people is – I want to create visibility and greater knowledge of my business or product or podcast or offering. This doesn’t happen without a plan of intention that leads to action! 


I’ll be talking about the steps to greater visibility all this month! Let me know what questions you have and if you want me to spend more time on a particular aspect.


We’ll start with your audience. Who are they? Where are they located? What are their greatest challenges? Where do they hang out on social media? What do they watch, listen to and read?

All things we can explore together! 


Book a FREE call with me to go over your visibility plan or we can start from the beginning or fill in the gaps! 


Let’s create together in 2023!



There is still time to catch the replay of the Thought Leader Lunch & Learn!

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Here are some of the biggest takeaways:

🔵 “This was a great introduction to “Why PR?” My biggest takeaway was, start small and find a place for publication outside of social media.” – Mary


🔵 “Start local and get comfortable being uncomfortable” – Jennifer


🔵 “What helped me most was how to get started and how to choose the opinions to share.” – Lisa


🔵 “Don’t be safe was an important part.” – Greg