When Life Gives You Covid, You Listen

Going to keep things brief today as I’m still getting over Covid… again! I let myself get rundown and boom! Through the disappointment of having to move or delay things, it has given me the time to think about things that are truly important.

So this is my reminder to you to stay the course with what is meaningful to you!

We can have all the tools, like ChatCPT, (my Lunch & Learn is now THIS THURSDAY if you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time!) to help us, and we know we want to be seen as THE go-to leader in our industry, but we need the last piece… what truly matters!

To me, it matters that I am able to still show up and be present for my family AND have a thriving business that helps people get their message out to the masses!

The HOW will come, when the WHY is there!

That is what Covid is teaching me.

And to that end, it’s important to me to help bring you things that might help you along your journey.

THIS THURSDAY – I promise! Is my Exploring AI & PR Lunch & Learn.

Same time, new date!

March 16th @12:30PM EDT – REGISTER HERE

And send me your questions ahead of time, so we can be sure to cover it! 

Some of what we’ll cover:

  • How ChatGPT can streamline your business
  • Tips and tricks to getting the content you need
  • Other life uses
  • Limitations to the AI technology


Bring a friend and your lunch, and we’ll learn together 🙂

Now go off and do what’s meaningful to you!


See you soon! (hopefully Covid free!)