When Things Get Heavy – Turn Off the News!

Having been a network TV news producer, I am feeling deeply for those covering the horrific events going into a second week in the Middle East. I cannot imagine having to witness some of the atrocities they are covering. It’s so hard to watch sometimes.

So even though I’m a new junkie and promote getting people on TV, we had two clients on the news in D.C. last week, give yourself permission to TURN IT OFF when it gets too much. It’s ok to turn away and think about all the things we have to be grateful for.

In fact, KT Media’s own Jillian Amodio, who is not only an amazing publicist, but a social worker, suggests:

  • The first thing to do is honor your emotions. We are social creatures and it would be a sign of societal illness to not be bothered or overwhelmed by mass tragedy and human suffering.
  • The second step is to practice kindness, empathy, compassion and acceptance in your daily life. While it may not seem helpful to those overseas, these actions are contagious and are exactly what our society needs more of during times of widespread distress.
  • The third is to find tangible ways of offering aid and assistance. When we are faced with mass suffering, it is a natural desire to want to help. Helping can make us feel some level of control when the world around us is spiraling.
  • And finally, seek help in the form of support from friends, family or a mental health professional to assure that you have the space that is needed to talk through tough emotions.

Hope this helps!

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