Where to Display Your Media Placements

Have you recently been featured on a local TV segment? What about a podcast or maybe a digital newspaper? These are all fantastic media placements for your brand, book, or business! This is because it helps you gain exposure with your target audience and builds you up for more successful interviews.


What I mean by that is: media producers love to work with people who are already working within the media’s landscape. If one news station sees you appear on the other, they’ll want to act fast because you’re a popular story. Then, if you work strategically, you can even have media outlets fighting over you to see who can get the scoop first.


Sounds pretty amazing right?!


To do this, you’ll need to work strategically, though, meaning you have to know where to display your media placements — especially if you want to gain exposure beyond your local reach.


For this reason, I’ve created a quick list of all the best ways to get your media features noticed!


5 Ways to Display Your Media Placements



Next time you’re drafting an electronic press kit for pitches, include links, clips, and any relevant articles to show off your media placements! This is the most direct way to show media professionals you have what it takes to be on air.


Press Page

If you have a website, add your previous media placements to your press page! This is an easy way to keep all your features and interviews in one spot.


Promo Emails

Do you have an email list? If so, it’s time to break out the marketing templates! Send a monthly newsletter with links to your blogs, special offers, announcements, and–you guessed it–media placements. Your audience will love seeing your success.


Promo Social Posts

Sharing your media placements on social media is an incredibly easy way to highlight your interviews. Videos perform especially well on social, so if you’ve been on any talk shows or local stations, share this with your audience! Then, ask them to reshare it!


Public Speaking

The easiest way to promote your previous media placements is to talk about them during a media interview segment. Practice organic ways to plug it into conversation topics while on air and during interviews. Don’t be too salesy with it, but rather, refer back to something you said during that interview. “That reminds me of something I mentioned on WOWK TV last week…” for example, is a great, natural way to plug in those other spotlights.


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