Why I Started My PR Business

All these years later, I still don’t consider myself a boss. My social media manager wanted to give me a shout-out for National Bosses Day this past weekend and I just thought – that’s not me! Haha But I guess it is! I have an amazing team behind me that makes KT Media what it is today. And that’s one of the main reasons why I started my business – to help support other women, moms and entrepreneurs who want to make their own schedules, but still work hard to support themselves and their families.


People thought I was crazy when I turned down a job as a producer at CNN to go out on my own! My oldest son, I have 3!, was 6 months old and I just couldn’t leave him to do the long hours and be away on the weekends. The life of a TV producer is not glamorous. It’s grueling! It’s tireless. It’s thankless. I happily did it for years because it was also very rewarding. BUT it was time for the next chapter where I was a wife and mother and I fit my career into my family life. Not the other way around! I did all I could to learn media relations and the PR side of things. I had a great mentor and after about two years, started to get clients of my own and KT Media Strategies was born. 


Do I often wonder how my career would have been different had I taken the job at CNN? Of course! But I wouldn’t go back and change it for one second. Being an entrepreneur is no easy path either. There are days I don’t know how to navigate what I’m up against, but then I remember – at least I get to do it my way – the way that feels true to me. I let that guide me.


First and foremost, that means taking care of my people – my clients, my publicists, my partners and friends. You can be flexible and build a strong team out of genuine respect. This is why I started my business.


I am grateful everyday that I get to fulfill this dream with my team! You’ll get to hear more about them later in the month for Publicists Day!