Why The Media Can Build Instant Credibility For Your Brand

Grabbing testimonials, showing proven results, and having valuable content isn’t the only way you can be building instant credibility for your brand. You may have heard “media” can be vital to every successful visibility strategy out there. In fact, having media can build instant credibility for your brand more so than any other thing out there. Not convinced? Keep reading to learn why the media can build instant credibility for your brand.


Media is one of the most influential components of your digital marketing strategy. It’s a great way to improve or build your reputation and image. Media placements can be in the form of a magazine, online blog post, TV, radio, and so much more.


In reality, the main purpose of media is to increase exposure of a brand. However, it’s important to note that there are many other benefits to PR placements that often go unnoticed. If you have always thought that media placements are only meant for brand awareness, then we’re here to help you think otherwise!




Believe it or not, SEO can be the media’s best friend and vice versa. In order for your website to organically rank, you need to be getting reputable links from other authoritative sites. When we’re talking about media, there’s a linking opportunity within every placement. The link should drive someone back to your brand’s website. 


Web Traffic


Similarly to the way a link supports with SEO, it also supports driving traffic to your site. When the article is highly relevant and has a link to your brand, which any media placement should, you can look in Google Analytics to see data on the website traffic. I guarantee it will sky-rocket!




A great way to leverage your media placements is through a press page on your site, or for something as simple as saying “As Seen On…” followed by the publication name. Having this section on your website completely dedicated to your placements is a great way to highlight other brand’s that have mentioned or referred to your business. Not only does this instantly establish credibility to your brand, but it also establishes trust within the customer as well. As soon as your customer has trust in your brand, that is when they will buy your product. 


Read our latest blog post about Where To Display Your Media Placements. Hint…The number one place is your press page!


Media placement can go a lot further than just brand awareness. Not only does it support your SEO strategy by improving your domain authority, but it can also bring in leads to your website and increase your traffic. Best of all, it establishes yourself as a credible brand in the eyes of your audience, which is the most important aspect when it comes to building relationships.


Are you ready to up your game when it comes to getting in the media? If so, I can help. All you need is 90 minutes to set aside for a one-on-one coaching call with me. In it, I will teach you how to create a custom media action plan to get your brand or business recognized by the media. 


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