Why The Media Matters

As a publicist, I’m often asked, “Why does the media matter?” This question deserves a much broader scope than a one- or two-line answer, which is why I’ve created this resource just for you. 


If you’re considering working with a publicist, here are three reasons why the media matters:


Amplifies Your Voice


As you try to build your brand, it’s important to amplify your voice. It’s true that you can organically grow a following on social media, but your needs (for more visibility, to grow your audience..) will quickly be amplified with the help of the media.


Whether you choose to send press releases, hold a press conference, or schedule an interview, having a good connection with media professionals, such as television reporters and PR professionals, will only help your business.


Improves Your Credibility


While your immediate followers or customers trust you, not everyone will. If you’re trying to grow an audience or a donor list, working with the media can greatly improve your credibility.


Individuals are far more likely to trust professional reporters and media professionals than salesy business people, so use this to your advantage. Work with a publicist like me to set up those interviews, podcasts, and television segments to get your name out to the masses.


Plugs You into the Ever-Changing Media Landscape


It’s no secret the media landscape is changing. This has been happening for decades, but now is a more critical time than ever thanks to social media.


Whereas before people tuned into the nightly news or anticipated the morning paper, now they’re eager to check social media on a recurring basis.


So, what does this mean for traditional media outlets?


It means they’re changing and evolving, which means you will, too.


Social media professionals are well sought out during this day and age, meaning many publicists you work with will have a savvy social person on their team — if not several. 


When you choose to work with a publicist that has social media experts, you’ll gain increased, modern exposure that will connect you with all the right audiences. People today aren’t interested in being advertised to. Instead, they want real, organic, engaging content to fill their timelines — which is where the professionals come in.

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