Work and Family with KT Media

We are continuing to talk about National Work and Family month here at KT Media.

It’s a topic very important to me, as having a flexible schedule is why I started my business.

It also allows me to give flexibility to my team. Here’s what they say about juggling work and family.


Vicky Lynch: I love working in PR because it’s so inspiring working with brilliant and talented entrepreneurs and thought leaders. It’s also a career that gives me the flexibility to be there for all the most important moments with my family.


Blaine Heck: As a freelance publicist, it’s been a joy to work with KT Media and have flexibility. And as a soon-to-be mom, it will be even more critical to work with a team that puts family first.


Jillian Amodio: I joined KT media strategies right before the pandemic hit. Working for a business that is woman owned was important to me because I needed an employer who understood that family comes first. Working for KT media has provided my family and me with a flexible and supportive work environment which helps me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 


Anastasia Beerman: My goal is to provide for my family while still being present with them. I have created a business that works well with my family’s schedule. I can be anywhere they need me and be able to work at the same time that way, I don’t miss anything with my family. 


Robin Marie: It wasn’t always easy, but I made sure my children were a priority over work, friends, and socializing. Having a husband who was happy to pick up when I couldn’t made all the difference in the world. Today my children are my best friends!